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VA HOTLINE for HOMELESS: 877-424-3838

VA CRISIS LINE:  800-273-8255

Upcoming Events

General Membership Meeting

Kempsville Branch 99 General Membership Meeting is held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1900 hours, located at 357 Edwin Drive, Virginia Beach, VA. New Membership Guidelines: Serving active duty, reserve, retired and former enlisted of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Any questions daytime phone # 499-6650

Kempsville Branch 99 Inc. Bingo

Branch 99 Inc. sponsors Bingo every Saturday between 10:00-NOON at the Bingo Palace, 444 South Lynnhaven Road. Please join us for the fun. Volunteers are needed no experience necessary.

Bingo Manager 

John D. Royal

Map to Bingo Palace

We still need volunteers for our BINGO on Saturdays morning. Please, please everyone try to come at least one Saturday in each month. Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter.


Gabriel Falu

President Br-99

LAFRA of Unit 99

Branch 99 extend an invitation to all eligible family members to join Branch 99 Auxiliary.  They will meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 1900, here at the Branch 99 home.  If you have any questions please contact  President Joyce Meeker (

As Treasurer of the Ladies Auxiliary there are many applications for the LAFRA that are not signed by sponsor with member number and not paid.  All future meetings will be held in conjunction with the Branch-99 members.  It will be easy for you to make the necessary payment and update to the forms. Any spouse of a member who wishes to join us please come to the meeting at 7pm.  Please help us to get our Unit 99 up and running.
Thank you.
Julie Wood
Treasurer, Ladies Auxiliary

Mesothelioma & Veterans

Veterans file nearly 30 percent of all mesothelioma lawsuits in the United States. All branches of the military relied on asbestos in the past, and builders overseas still do. As a result, veterans are more likely than others to develop asbestos-related diseases.




Sponsors A FREE


VFW P0ST 3160




FROM 9 A.M TO 1 P.M.

Complementary Breakfast and Lunch


Veteran Healthcare Screening, Referral and lnformation Stations:

- Primary care  - Dept. of Veteran Services  -Hearing (impaired, free phone)

-Dental  - Social Worker  - Interment Counseling

- Mental Health   - Eyesight   - Hospice Representative 

Chiropractic - Women's Health  - Home Care Representative

- Fhysical Therapy - Podiatry  - Employment Opportunities 

- And More

Note: Please bring a copy of your Military lD or DD Form 214.

Every Veteran will receive a free "THANK YOU" goody bag at the end of their visit.

POC: Martin Woods 757-479-1812



Shipmates and all Veterans, In a court case in the US court of appeals for the federal circuit, Alfred Procopio,Jr Robert Willkie Secretary of Veterans Affaires The court ruled in a 9 to 2 ruling that service in Vietnam included the 12-mile limit in the waters of the coast of Vietnam. So, if you served in any of the waters close to Vietnam within the 12-miles limit it is in your best interest to file for Veteran benefits. Please check out the VA web page for presumptive conditions. In L. P. S Martin G Wood

Aluminium Can Donations

There has been a reduction of aluminium can donations to the branch home. The can donations are a portion of branch income. So shipmates if you have any aluminium cans please drop them off at the Branch Home by the Storage Building.




For those who still want to volunteer to work at the VA, you can contact Judith Curtis at 757-728-3124 or her main VA number at 757-722-9961.

Martin G. Wood, VSO Br-99


Rent FRA Branch 99 Inc. Hall for that special event , such as a Wedding, Reception, Baby Showers, Birthday Party and Anniversaries. Limit of 80 Persons. Chairs and Tables provided. NO TEENAGE PARTIES ! 

A Note from the Hall Rental Mgr:

Good day everyone.  

 In order to keep FRA BR-99 clean and free of bugs, there are a few requests of you.    

If you come into the Bldg and bring food in with you, please take your (food) garbage with you.

 If you make coffee, empty and clean the coffee pot once you are done. Also, if possible,  put the used coffee grounds in a sep bag and seal them before leaving them in the trash can.

     Last, if you are drinking soda, rinse the can out and put it in the recycling can instead of leaving them on the tables or the sink.

There are many steps taken to ensure that the Bldg is comfortable and clean for our members so, please...LET's ALL DO OUR PART to keep it this way.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

 Gabe Falu or Steve McCulloch

Hall Rental Manager

   Ph # (757) 499-1155



We're looking for a few good students; High school seniors and College enrollees,  Branch or Auxiliary members and their family are eligible, B/3.0 GPA is minimum requirement.  The application and requirements will be posted on our web-site.  Please keep in mind that the application dead-line is 16 Jun 2019 and must be emailed to me.  The official transcripts must be in my possession no later than 18 Jun 2019. The board will meet on 27 Jun 2019 to select the winners.

POC: Harry Millett 757-286-3044


Shipmates and Auxiliary members,

  The Hampton VA Medical Center is in URGENT need of men's and women's underwear (NEW) all sizes. Small to 3x sport bra's for women veterans and men's tee shirts. Please, this is a need that we all can help with.  You can bring your donations anytime to the branch.  There will be a bag by the Food Donation barrel.  DAV is offering FREE transportation  to anyone that need a ride for Medical appointments. You must call for a ride "24 hrs in advance".  The phone is 757-728-3148. Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

In Loyalty, Protection, and Service,
         Martin G Wood